UTS Centre for Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Digital Ethnography Workshop

22 04 2008

UTS staff and graduate students are invited to attend a workshop on digital ethnography as method in the humanities and social sciences. The workshop will review current innovation in the use of digital media as research resources, and explore how they have been used in projects in sociology, history, and cultural studies. The program listed below may be amended subject to availability of other speakers.

A second workshop will be held in August to develop a selected number of the projects for potential e-publication, utilising interactivity available in Web 2.0 technologies.

A third workshop will then be held to prepare the final articles/projects for publication through the TFC ejournal.

The workshop is the first in a series being developed in conjunction with the Transforming Cultures Research Centre and the University Library e-Press.

Attendance is limited so please contact CCS ccs@uts.edu.au to book a place.

Thursday May 29 2008




Tea coffee and sandwiches available – short breaks only between sessions

Open 9.45 for coffee etc and time to get lost and be found

Kickoff 10am


1. Intro – digital media and ethnographic research in the humanities and social sciences Andrew Jakubowicz 15 min

2. Digital Humanities – Elaine Lally UWS Centre for Cultural Research

Q and A 15 min

Applications and projects

4. Making Multicultural Australia: local ethnographies Andrew Jakubowicz 15 min

5. Black Box Tatiana Pentes 15 min

6. Aboriginal Sydney Peter Read 15 min

7. Indian seaman and Australia Heather Goodall 15 min

8. Technology and techniques – Thumb Candy Chris Caines 15 min

9.Tagged – Kay Donovan 15 mins
See clips: Tony at the farm, Tony: birthday party

10. Commentary: Digital ethnography as method – Jon Marshall 15 min

Q and A 30 min

10. Developing projects for TFC eJournal – discussion, selection and drafting of proposals for a second “working” workshop in August 1 hr

Close 2pm approx